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Journal: Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)


Good nursing handover is central to the delivery of high-quality care. However, there are no national tools available to audit and benchmark practice standards in this area. Following a review of the literature, evidence-based best practice standards were identified and used by the author to audit nursing handover in one acute NHS trust in the UK. Results of the audit were used to assure quality of care and identify areas for improvement.

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No one knew how the tradition started, but on Christmas Day it was my job as charge nurse to come in early and make bacon butties for the staff. White sliced bread, oodles of butter and Daddies sauce - all the things you are not supposed to have, which taste all the more enjoyable for it. And tea strong enough to stand up a spoon in.

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This best-selling American text was first published in 1996 and is now available in an updated fifth edition. It has a most welcome and expanded international focus, with a chapter on the international development of advanced practice nursing.

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Higher numbers of nurses per bed are associated with better survival rates among patients in intensive care - and the benefits are at their greatest among the very seriously ill - research suggests.

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Oral glucosamine supplements do not decrease pain or improve knee bone marrow lesions in people with osteoarthritis, suggests a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

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An established writer in natural health and childcare, Kim Davies' thoughtful and sensitive book provides practical advice and support for decision making in parenthood. Split into four sections, it is a practical and easy to use resource for new parents and health professionals alike.

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At the invitation of a former nursing colleague I spent two weeks at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in the Falkland Islands towards the end of last year.

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This article aims to enhance nurses' understanding of nursing care plans, reflecting on the past, present and future use of care planning. This involves consideration of the central theories of nursing and discussion of nursing models and the nursing process. An explanation is provided of how theories of nursing may be applied to care planning, in combination with clinical assessment tools, to ensure that care plans are context specific and patient centred.

Concepts: Scientific method, Future, Management, Nursing, Nursing theory, Past, Nursing care plan, Nursing process


Rationale and key points This article aims to help nurses to undertake the administration of enemas in a safe, effective and patient-centred manner, ensuring privacy and dignity. The administration of an enema is a common healthcare procedure, which can be used to deliver medication or aid bowel evacuation. ▶ The administration of an enema should be undertaken by a competent nurse. ▶ An enema is a liquid preparation inserted into the rectum. ▶ The nurse must explain the procedure to the patient and should assist the individual before, during and after the procedure. ▶ The nurse should document all care given. Reflective activity Clinical skills articles can help update your practice and ensure it remains evidence based. Apply this article to your practice. Reflect on and write a short account of: 1. How you felt performing this intimate procedure. 2. The positive elements of care delivery and those that could be enhanced. Subscribers can upload their reflective accounts at: .

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Sally Jorden is a Macmillan breast care nurse at Southend General Hospital in Essex. After completing her nurse training in 1960, she worked as a midwife, health visitor, staff nurse, night sister and ward sister. Now aged 74, she has been a nurse for 57 years, and set up the first breast care nurse service for Macmillan at Basildon hospital in 1994.

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