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Journal: JMIR mHealth and uHealth


There is a pressing need to reduce the hospitalization rate of heart failure patients to limit rising health care costs and improve outcomes. Tracking physiologic changes to detect early deterioration in the home has the potential to reduce hospitalization rates through early intervention. However, classical approaches to in-home monitoring have had limited success, with patient adherence cited as a major barrier. This work presents a toilet seat-based cardiovascular monitoring system that has the potential to address low patient adherence as it does not require any change in habit or behavior.


Direct-to-consumer trackers and devices have potential to enhance theory-based physical activity interventions by offering a simple and pleasant way to help participants self-monitor their behavior. A secondary benefit of these devices is the opportunity for investigators to objectively track adherence to physical activity goals across weeks or even months, rather than relying on self-report or a small number of accelerometry wear periods. The use of consumer trackers for continuous monitoring of adherence has considerable potential to enhance physical activity research, but few studies have been published in this rapidly developing area.

Concepts: Cancer, Obesity, Physical exercise, Overweight, Menstrual cycle, Real number, Intervention, The Opportunity


Australia and New Zealand have the highest skin cancer incidence rates worldwide, and sun exposure is the main risk factor for developing skin cancer. Sun exposure during childhood and adolescence is a critical factor in developing skin cancer later in life.


There are a growing number of mobile phone apps available to support people in taking their medications and to improve medication adherence. However, little is known about how these apps differ in terms of features, quality, and effectiveness.

Concepts: Pharmaceutical drug, Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Push-button telephone


Self-reported alcohol misuse remains high in armed forces personnel even after they have left service. More than 50% of ex-serving personnel meet the criteria for hazardous alcohol use; however, many fail to acknowledge that they have a problem. Previous research indicates that interventions delivered via smartphone apps are suitable in promoting self-monitoring of alcohol use, have a broad reach, and may be more cost-effective than other types of brief interventions. There is currently no such intervention specifically designed for the armed forces.


Despite public health guidelines to limit sedentary behavior, many young children spend large amounts of time sedentary (eg, screen and sitting time) during waking hours.

Concepts: Health care, Public health, Health, Epidemiology, Randomized controlled trial, Efficacy


European adolescents and students tend to have low levels of physical activity and eat unhealthy foods, and the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased, which poses a public health challenge. Mobile apps play an important role in their daily lives, suggesting their potential to be used in health-promoting strategies.

Concepts: Health care, Public health, Health, Epidemiology, Nutrition, Weight loss, Population health, Personal life


The increase in mobile phone use across the globe is creating mounting interest for its application in addressing health system constraints. Although still limited, there is growing evidence of success in using mobile phones for health (mHealth) in low- and middle- income countries. The promise of mHealth to address key health system issues presents a huge potential for the Pacific Island countries where mobile use has radically increased. Current projections indicate an improved information and communications technology (ICT) environment to support greater access to mobile and digital devices in the Pacific region.

Concepts: New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Push-button telephone, Island, Pacific Islands, Pacific Islands Forum


Children are 5 times more likely to be overweight at the age of 12 years if they are overweight during the preschool period.

Concepts: Broadsheet, Instant messaging


In March 2015, Apple Inc announced ResearchKit, a novel open-source framework intended to help medical researchers to easily create apps for medical studies. With the announcement of this framework, Apple presented 5 apps built in a beta phase based on this framework.

Concepts: Scientific method, Operating system, Sun Microsystems, App Store, IPhone