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Journal: BMJ open sport & exercise medicine


To estimate the costs associated with physical inactivity in Sweden for the year 2016.


Achilles tendinopathy is a common and often long-lasting injury. We present a 10-year follow-up on a pragmatic study on Achilles tendinopathy treated with controlled exercises supplemented with corticosteroid injections if necessary in order to continue training.


Strategies to prevent or attenuate the age-related decline in physical and physiological function and reduce chronic disease risk factors are of clinical importance.


Spectators at several hundred golf tournaments on six continents worldwide may gain health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) during their time at the event. This study aims to investigate spectators' reasons for attending and assess spectator physical activity (PA) (measured by step count).

Concepts: Middle Ages, Europe, North America, South America


Following youth concussion, objective physiological indicators are needed to corroborate changes in subjective clinical measures. The objectives of the current study were to: (1) explore the effect of concussion on heart rate variability (HRV) across days postinjury in youth athletes aged 13-18 years old, compared with healthy age-matched and sex-matched controls and (2) examine the relationship between postconcussion symptom domains (physical, cognitive, fatigue and emotional) and HRV.


To conduct a comprehensive mapping analysis to the scientific literature published in football aiming to identify the areas of bigger interest and potential for further exploration.


The aim of this review was to systematically investigate long-term brain health in retired rugby players.


Despite being a common problem, there is considerable diagnostic uncertainty with regard to shoulder pain. This uncertainty relates to the reliability and validity of current examination tests. The Shoulder Symptom Modification Procedure (SSMP) has been proposed as an alternative to existing approaches.

Concepts: Greek loanwords


Massage therapy (MT) enhances recovery by reducing pain and fatigue in able-bodied endurance athletes. In athletes with disabilities, no studies have examined similar MT outcomes, yet participation in sport has increased by >1000 athletes from 1996 to 2016 Olympic games. We examined the effect of MT on pain, sleep, stress, function and performance goals on the bike, as well as quality of life off the bike, in elite paracycling athletes.

Concepts: Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games, 2012 Summer Olympics, 2016 Summer Olympics, 1968 Summer Olympics, 2020 Summer Olympics


The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-5 (SCAT5) was published in 2017; however, normative performance within the college athlete population on the optional 10-item word list has not been described. This study reports normative values for immediate memory trials, total immediate memory score and delayed recall of the 10-item word list.