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Journal: Australian veterinary journal


To determine if postoperative C-reactive protein (CRP) or cortisol concentrations were significantly changed between dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy by an experienced or inexperienced surgeon. As part of the Charles Sturt University teaching program, 45 bitches from an animal shelter were surgically sterilised between March and October 2010.

Concepts: Philosophy of science, Charles Sturt University, Empiricism, Charles Sturt, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, C-reactive protein, Experience, Dog


To investigate the cause of an outbreak of bovine cysticercosis (Taenia saginata) infection on a cattle property in north-western New South Wales (NSW).

Concepts: Wests Tigers, Parramatta Eels, Victoria, New Zealand, National Rugby League, Taenia solium, Taenia saginata, New South Wales


The primary objectives of this research were to describe the indications for mechanical ventilation, the duration of mechanical ventilation and probability of survival in dogs and cats with respiratory failure induced by the Australian paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus).

Concepts: Duration, Parasites, Pulmonology, Tick paralysis, Acari, Tick, Ixodes, Ixodes holocyclus


To describe the influence of the dingo (Canis lupus dingo) on the past, present and future distributions of sheep in Australia.

Concepts: Future, Australia, Thylacine, Gray Wolf, Coyote, Canidae, Canis, Dingo


This paper discusses the wide range of roles that Government veterinarians play both in Australia and globally. The paper was presented as a plenary session at the National Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference.

Concepts: Separation of powers, World government, Meetings, Canada, Late-2000s recession


Characterisation of a complete genome sequence of an Australian strain of canid alphaherpesvirus 1 (CHV-1) and its phylogenetic relationship with other varicellovirus species.

Concepts: Gene, Phylogenetics, Biology, Genome, DNA, Virus, Horizontal gene transfer, Organism


To compare the effects of two concentrations of oxygen delivered to the anaesthetic breathing circuit on oxygenation in mechanically ventilated horses anaesthetised with isoflurane and positioned in dorsal or lateral recumbency.

Concepts: Water pollution, Electrochemistry, Anesthesia


(1) To collect the perceptions of veterinarians performing equine castrations in Australia on techniques, preferences and outcomes, (2) to investigate veterinarian use and experience with the Henderson castrating instrument and (3) to investigate potential associations between demographics, castration methods and techniques, and complications.

Concepts: Veterinarian, Western Australia, Australia, Burdizzo, Gelding, Castration, Horse


To investigate the course-related and other costs involved in obtaining a veterinary education in Australia and how these costs are met. The study also aimed to identify sociodemographic and course-related factors associated with increased financial stress.

Concepts: Education


The present case series describes the clinical course and outcome of three cats diagnosed with pseudomembranous cystitis. This is an uncommon presentation of lower urinary tract obstruction but can be easily be identified by ultrasonography, revealing severe bladder wall thickening and thin hyperechoic luminal strips. The condition can be secondary to severe bacterial urinary tract infection. All cats were successfully treated with medical management only, mainly based on antimicrobials and individualised supportive therapy.

Concepts: Cystitis, Urinary system, Microbiology, Urine, Kidney, Urology, Urinary tract infection, Urinary bladder