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Concept: Tantra


To introduce research that presents scientific evidence regarding the effects of mantra and mindfulness meditation techniques and yoga on decreasing blood pressure (BP) in patients who have hypertension.

Concepts: Scientific method, Systematic review, Meta-analysis, Meditation, Spiritual practice, Mind-body interventions, Mantra, Tantra


Despite a growing body of scientific literature exploring the nature of meditation there is limited information on the characteristics of individuals who use it. This is particularly true of comparative studies examining prevalence and predictors of use of various forms of meditation.

Concepts: United States, Science, United Kingdom, Religion, Meditation, Prayer, Spiritual practice, Tantra


This study examined the relationship between focused attention meditation practice habits, psychological symptoms, and quality of life. The participants were 30 adults from New York, NY, practicing Ananda Marga spirituality. They were administered the Symptom Check List-90-R and the Quality of Life Index. The findings pointed out while Ananda Marga meditation practice habits were not associated with improvements in psychological symptoms, longer years in meditation practice was associated with improvements in overall, social and psychological/spiritual quality of life. Longer periods of meditation practice per session were related to lower levels of overall quality of life and economic quality of life.

Concepts: Attention, Meditation, Tantra



Anapanasati is one of the meditation techniques discussed in Buddhism. In this meditation, one focuses one’s attention on bodily sensations caused by incoming and outgoing breath. This study aims to track the cumulative effect of long-term meditators (LTM) and short-term meditators (STM) using electrophotonic imaging (EPI).

Concepts: Meditation, Buddhism, Zen, Buddhist meditation, Gautama Buddha, Mantra, Anapanasati, Tantra