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Concept: Superiority complex


Neandertals are the best-studied of all extinct hominins, with a rich fossil record sampling hundreds of individuals, roughly dating from between 350,000 and 40,000 years ago. Their distinct fossil remains have been retrieved from Portugal in the west to the Altai area in central Asia in the east and from below the waters of the North Sea in the north to a series of caves in Israel in the south. Having thrived in Eurasia for more than 300,000 years, Neandertals vanished from the record around 40,000 years ago, when modern humans entered Europe. Modern humans are usually seen as superior in a wide range of domains, including weaponry and subsistence strategies, which would have led to the demise of Neandertals. This systematic review of the archaeological records of Neandertals and their modern human contemporaries finds no support for such interpretations, as the Neandertal archaeological record is not different enough to explain the demise in terms of inferiority in archaeologically visible domains. Instead, current genetic data suggest that complex processes of interbreeding and assimilation may have been responsible for the disappearance of the specific Neandertal morphology from the fossil record.

Concepts: Human, Species, Europe, Hominidae, Neanderthal, Human evolution, Prehistory, Superiority complex


Zipper injuries are highly distressing to patients and often difficult to manage. Several management techniques are described in the literature. Many are complex and laborious, requiring sophisticated instruments in skilled hands, or even rely on a formal operation. This new technique involves the release of entrapped penile skin from a zipper by cutting the zipper tape and teeth immediately superior and inferior to the zipper connector and using a needle holder to pull the zipper apparatus apart following the application of lubrication and appropriate use of local analgesia. This novel technique is quick, nontraumatic and requires readily available equipment. It has been used successfully in two patients who were ineligible for a circumcision.

Concepts: Creativity techniques, Management, Complex, Leadership, Penis, Superiority complex, Inferiority complex, Skin bridge


Open reduction internal fixation technique has been generally accepted for treatment of midshaft clavicle fractures. Both superior and anterior clavicle plates have been reported in clinical or biomechanical researches, while presently the spiral clavicle plate design has been introduced improved biomechanical behavior over conventional designs. In order to objectively realize the multi-directional biomechanical performances among the three geometries for clavicle plate designs, a current conceptual finite element study has been conducted with identical cross-sectional features for clavicle plates. The conceptual superior, anterior, and spiral clavicle plate models were constructed for virtual reduction and fixation to an OTA 15-B1.3 midshaft transverse fracture of clavicle. Mechanical load cases including cantilever bending, axial compression, inferior bending, and axial torsion have been applied for confirming the multi-directional structural stability and implant safety in biomechanical perspective. Results revealed that the anterior clavicle plate model represented lowest plate stress under all loading cases. The superior clavicle plate model showed greater axial compressive stiffness, while the anterior clavicle plate model performed greater rigidity under cantilever bending load. Three model represented similar structural stiffness under axial torsion. Played as a transition structure between superior and anterior clavicle plate, the spiral clavicle plate model revealed comparable results with acceptable multi-directional biomechanical behavior. The concept of spiral clavicle plate design is worth considering in practical application in clinics. Implant safety should be further investigated by evidences in future mechanical tests and clinical observations.

Concepts: Bone fracture, Fracture, Orthopedic surgery, Clavicle fracture, Elasticity, Clavicle, Torsion, Superiority complex


The narcissistic personality is characterized by grandiosity, entitlement, and low empathy. This paper describes the development and validation of the Single Item Narcissism Scale (SINS). Although the use of longer instruments is superior in most circumstances, we recommend the SINS in some circumstances (e.g. under serious time constraints, online studies).

Concepts: Psychology, Personality disorder, Antisocial personality disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder, Narcissism, Narcissistic parents, Superiority complex, Entitlement


We sought to determine if clinical data validate the dogma that bactericidal antibiotics are more clinically effective than bacteriostatic agents. We performed a systematic literature review of published, randomized controlled trials that compared a bacteriostatic agent to a bactericidal agent in the treatment of clinical, bacterial infections. From among a total of 56 identified trials, 49 found no significant difference in efficacy between bacteriostatic and bactericidal agents. Six trials found that the bacteriostatic agent was superior in efficacy to the bactericidal agent. Only one trial found that the bactericidal agent was superior; in this case, the inferiority of the static agent was explainable by under-dosing of the drug based on pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic analysis. Thus, virtually all available data from high quality, randomized controlled trials demonstrate no intrinsic superiority of bactericidal compared to bacteriostatic agents. Other drug characteristics, such as optimal dosing, pharmacokinetics, and tissue penetration, may be more important efficacy drivers.

Concepts: Pharmacology, Bacteria, Randomized controlled trial, Effectiveness, Antibiotic, Antibiotics, Superiority complex, Bacteriostatic agent


Parenting programs for reducing disruptive child behavior are built on two main perspectives: relationship enhancement (i.e., unconditional sensitivity diminishes disruptiveness) and behavior management (i.e., conditional rewards diminish disruptiveness). Two meta-analyses (156 and 41 RCTs; Ntotal = 15,768; Mchildage = 1-11 years) tested the theoretical model that integrating relationship enhancement with behavior management is superior to behavior management alone. The integrative approach showed no overall superiority. Relative to behavior management, the integrative approach was superior in treatment settings, but inferior in prevention settings (Meta-analysis 1). The integrative approach and behavior management approach did not have differential sustained effects up to 3 years after the program (Meta-analysis 2). Findings argue against current practice to implement the same parenting programs in treatment and prevention settings.

Concepts: Medical statistics, Systematic review, Meta-analysis, Project management, Superiority complex, Integrative psychotherapy


Modification of the lower lateral cartilage complex is the sine qua non of modern rhinoplasty, and the open approach to rhinoplasty has expanded the number of techniques available to help achieve an aesthetically pleasing tip. The ideal tip has been described as having a diamond-shaped configuration, with the lateral points formed by the tip-defining points, the superior point by the supratip, and the inferior point by the columellar break point. Over the years, various techniques have been described to minimize isolation of the tip and to help achieve the ideal tip configuration: lateral crural strut grafts, alar contour grafts (i.e., rim grafts), alar strut grafts, subdomal grafts, and suturing techniques such as alar flaring sutures. The authors present their technique of the extended alar contour graft, which represents an evolution of the lateral crural strut graft and its marriage with the alar contour graft. Lateral crural abnormalities do not usually occur singularly, but rather are the result of an interplay of several factors. Nevertheless, the recurring theme of orientation and alar support to prevent isolation of the tip by extended alar grooves remains. Extended alar contour grafts are a versatile technique to optimize tip shape and orientation by combining the many positive attributes of lateral crural strut grafts and alar contour grafts.

Concepts: Creativity techniques, Grafting, Surgical suture, Point, Aesthetics, The Tip, Superiority complex


The ongoing debate concerning the efficacy of fenofibrate has overshadowed an important aspect of the drug’s history: Abbott Laboratories, the maker of branded fenofibrate, has produced several bioequivalent reformulations that dominate the market, although generic fenofibrate has been available for almost a decade. This continued use of branded formulations, which cost twice as much as generic versions of fenofibrate, imposes an annual cost of approximately $700 million on the US health care system. Abbott Laboratories maintained its dominance of the fenofibrate market in part through a complex switching strategy involving the sequential launch of branded reformulations that had not been shown to be superior to the first-generation product and patent litigation that delayed the approval of generic formulations. The small differences in dose of the newer branded formulations prevented their substitution with generics of older-generation products. As soon as direct generic competition seemed likely at the new dose level, where substitution would be allowed, Abbott would launch another reformulation, and the cycle would repeat. Based on the fenofibrate example, our objective is to describe how current policy can allow pharmaceutical companies to maintain market share using reformulations of branded medications, without demonstrating the superiority of next-generation products.

Concepts: Pharmacology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical drug, Generic drug, Marketing, Food and Drug Administration, Superiority complex, Abbott Laboratories


Patellofemoral joint osteoarthritis is a common condition, yet information regarding conservative management is lacking. Foot orthoses are an effective intervention for improving pain and function in younger individuals with patellofemoral pain and may be effective in those with patellofemoral osteoarthritis. This pilot study will seek to establish the feasibility of a phase III randomised controlled trial to investigate whether foot orthoses worn in prescribed motion controlled footwear are superior to prescribed motion control footwear alone in the management of patellofemoral osteoarthritis.

Concepts: Clinical trial, Effect, Randomized controlled trial, Effectiveness, Control, Control system, Superiority complex


Purpose Combined-modality treatment is widely considered the standard of care in early-stage Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), and treatment intensity has been reduced over the last years. Long-term follow-up is important to judge both efficacy and safety of the different therapies used. Patients and Methods We analyzed updated follow-up data on 4,276 patients treated within the German Hodgkin Study Group trials HD7 and HD10 for early-stage favorable HL and HD8 and HD11 for early-stage unfavorable HL between 1993 and 2003. Results In HD7 (N = 627; median follow-up, 120 months), combined-modality treatment was superior to extended-field radiotherapy (RT), with 15-year progression-free survival (PFS) of 73% versus 52% (hazard ratio [HR], 0.5; 95% CI, 0.3 to 0.6; P < .001), without differences in overall survival (OS). In HD10 (N = 1,190; median follow-up, 98 months), noninferiority of two cycles of doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine (ABVD) plus 20 Gy involved-field (IF)-RT to more intensive four cycles of ABVD plus 30 Gy IF-RT was confirmed with 10-year PFS of 87% each (HR, 1.0; 95%, 0.6 to 1.5) and OS of 94% each (HR, 0.9; 95% CI, 0.5 to 1.6), respectively. In both trials, no differences in second neoplasias were observed. In HD8 (N = 1,064; median follow-up, 153 months), noninferiority of involved-field RT to extended-field RT regarding PFS was confirmed (HR, 1.0; 95% CI, 0.8 to 1.2). In HD11 (N = 1,395; median follow-up, 106 months), superiority of bleomycin, etoposide, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, procarbazine, and prednisone at baseline over ABVD was not observed. After BEACOPPbaseline, 20 Gy IF-RT was noninferior to 30 Gy (10-year PFS, 84% v 84%; HR, 1.0; 95% CI, 0.7 to 1.5). In contrast, PFS was inferior in ABVD-treated patients receiving 20 Gy instead of 30 Gy IF-RT (10-year PFS, 76% v 84%; HR, 1.5; 95% CI, 1.0 to 2.1). No differences in OS or second neoplasias were observed in in both trials. Conclusion Long-term follow-up data of the four randomized trials largely support the current risk-adapted therapeutic strategies in early-stage HL. Nevertheless, continued follow-up is necessary to assess the long-term safety of currently applied therapeutic strategies.

Concepts: Hodgkin's lymphoma, Trigraph, Gh, Doxorubicin, ABVD, Antineoplastic drugs, Vinblastine, Superiority complex