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Concept: Sexual health


Judgements of attractiveness have been shown to influence the character of social interactions. The present study sought to better understand the relationship between perceived attractiveness, perceived sexual health status and condom use intentions in a heterosexual male population.

Concepts: Present, Demography, Sociology, Sexual health, Sex education


Despite its importance to sexual health and wellbeing, sexual function is given little attention in sexual health policy. Population-based studies are needed to understand sexual function across the life course.

Concepts: Medicine, Personal life, Sexual health


Even if some evidence exists of a positive correlation between regular intake of phytoestrogens, polyphenols, antioxidants and women’s sexual health, there is not a study addressing the potential correlation between daily apple consumption and women’s sexual function. We aim to assess whether there is a tie between daily apple intake and sexual function in a sample of healthy young sexually active Italian women, not complaining of any sexual disorders.

Concepts: Sexual intercourse, Health, Nutrition, Life, Human sexual behavior, Personal life, Sexuality, Sexual health


Alicia Yamin argues that applying human rights frameworks and approaches to maternal health offers strategies and tools to address the root causes of maternal morbidity and mortality within and beyond health systems, in addition to addressing other violations of women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Please see later in the article for the Editors' Summary.

Concepts: Health, Human, Demography, Law, Sexual health, Reproductive rights, Women's health


Despite a large body of evidence globally demonstrating that the criminalization of sex workers increases HIV/STI risks, we know far less about the impact of criminalization and policing of managers and in-call establishments on HIV/STI prevention among sex workers, and even less so among migrant sex workers.

Concepts: Public health, Sexual intercourse, Health, Sexual health, Sex education, Madonna


To examine associations between sexual behaviour, sexual function and sexual health service use of individuals with depression in the British general population, to inform primary care and specialist services.

Concepts: Health care, Sexual intercourse, Health, Demography, Illness, Human sexual behavior, Human behavior, Sexual health


Smartphone apps provide a new platform for entertainment, information distribution, and health promotion activities, as well as for dating and casual sexual encounters. Previous research has shown high acceptability of sexual health interventions via smartphone apps; however, sexual health promotion apps were infrequently downloaded and underused. Integrating sexual health promotion into established apps might be a more effective method.

Concepts: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Sexual health, Sex education


Sexual dysfunction, an important determinant of women’s health and quality of life, is commonly associated with declining estrogen levels around the menopausal transition.

Concepts: Sexual intercourse, Life, Menopause, Estrogen, Sociology, Sexual health, Sexual function, Sexual dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction in people with cancer is a significant problem. The present clinical practice guideline makes recommendations to improve sexual function in people with cancer.

Concepts: Sexual intercourse, Erectile dysfunction, Orgasm, Sexual health, Sexual function, Sexual dysfunction


Intravaginal practices-including behaviors such as intravaginal cleansing and insertion of products-have been linked to a number of adverse reproductive health outcomes, including increased risk for bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV. Currently, little is known about the motivations for intravaginal practices among women in the United States. The objective of this study was to identify and describe motivations for intravaginal washing and intravaginal insertion of products among women of differing ages and racial/ethnic groups.

Concepts: AIDS, United States, U.S. state, Sexually transmitted disease, Human sexual behavior, Sexually transmitted diseases and infections, Sexual health, United Nations Population Fund