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Concept: School terminology


Splenic tumors are rare and are either primary or secondary, benign or malignant. Most have none to minimal symptomatology and are found incidentally. Splenic cysts can be infectious, congenital, or traumatic. Epidermoid cysts and parasitic cysts are examples of primary cysts and usually have a classic presentation on imaging. Despite advanced imaging modalities and patient’s clinical presentation, it can be difficult to diagnose an epidermoid cyst without histological examination. The purpose of this paper is to discuss typical findings of primary splenic cysts on imaging, but how they may differ in appearance.

Concepts: Histology, Cyst, School terminology, Cancer, Sebaceous cyst, Epidermoid cyst, Spleen, Medical terms


Health risk assessments (HRAs), which often screen for depressive symptoms, are administered to millions of employees and health plan members each year. HRA data provide an opportunity to examine longitudinal trends in depressive symptomatology, as researchers have done previously with other populations.

Concepts: School terminology, Evaluation, Risk assessment


The aim of this study was to examine how children’s and parents' physical activity changes from Year 1 (5-6) to Year 4 (8-9 years of age).

Concepts: Obesity, Change, School terminology, Junior school, School, Primary education, Primary school


Although air pollution’s short-term effects are well understood to be marked and preventable, its acute neuropsychological effects have, to our knowledge, not yet been studied. We aim to examine the association between daily variation in traffic-related air pollution and attention.

Concepts: School terminology, Junior school, School, Primary education, Primary school


To examine the cross-sectional associations between self-reported postlunch napping and structured cognitive assessments in Chinese older adults.

Concepts: School terminology, Epidemiology, Sociology, Cross-sectional study, Thought, Educational psychology


This study explored the association between coaching and the implementation of the Good Behavior Game (GBG) by 129 urban elementary school teachers. Analyses involving longitudinal data on coaching and teacher implementation quality indicated that coaches strategically varied their use of coaching strategies (e.g., modeling, delivery) based on teacher implementation quality and provided additional support to teachers with low implementation quality. Findings suggest that coaching was associated with improved implementation quality of the GBG. This work lays the foundation for future research examining ways to enhance coach decision-making about teacher implementation.

Concepts: Research methods, School terminology, Teacher, Education, School, History of education, Coach, Coaching


To evaluate the caries prevalence and experience in primary molars in Polish 6- to 7-year-old children using the Caries Assessment Spectrum and Treatment index.

Concepts: School terminology, Color


Evidence of the positive effects of school physical activity (PA) interventions, including classroom-based PA (CBPA), is rapidly growing. However, few studies examine how variations in scheduled PA opportunities and teacher-implemented CBPA affect students' PA outcomes.

Concepts: Education, Affect, Elementary school, Primary education, School terminology, Primary school


The aims of this study were to examine indicators of socioeconomic deprivation among secondary school students and to determine associations between household poverty, neighbourhood deprivation and health indicators.

Concepts: Secondary school, School terminology, Grammar school, Primary education, College, High school, Secondary education, The Association


There is little empirical evidence of the impact of transition from primary to secondary school on obesity-related risk behaviour. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a change of school system on physical activity (PA) and sedentary behaviour in pre-early adolescents.

Concepts: Secondary education, School terminology, College, Cohort study, Primary education, Secondary school, Longitudinal study, High school