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Concept: MOS Technology SID


The treatment of pancreatic pseudocysts has evolved during the past two decades. Endoscopic treatment (ET) has gradually become used as a first-line management even though it showed no significant superiority to surgical internal drainages (SIDs) in a recent randomized trial. The objective of the present work was to analyze the effect of ET failure on the results of SID in the global management of pancreatic pseudocysts.

Concepts: Present, Time, Future, Past, Endoscopy, Pancreatic pseudocyst, Pseudocyst, MOS Technology SID


Deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the ventral intermediate nucleus (VIM) is performed to suppress medically-resistant essential tremor (ET). However, stimulation induced dysarthria (SID) is a common side effect, limiting the extent to which tremor can be suppressed. To date, the exact pathogenesis of SID in VIM-DBS treated ET patients is unknown.

Concepts: Parkinson's disease, Deep brain stimulation, Tremor, Suppression, Suppression of dissent, Essential tremor, MOS Technology SID