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Concept: Medical terminology


Information systems are a key success factor for medical research and healthcare. Currently, most of these systems apply heterogeneous and proprietary data models, which impede data exchange and integrated data analysis for scientific purposes. Due to the complexity of medical terminology, the overall number of medical data models is very high. At present, the vast majority of these models are not available to the scientific community. The objective of the Portal of Medical Data Models (MDM, is to foster sharing of medical data models.

Concepts: Scientific method, Medicine, Data, Engineering, Systems theory, Information, Latin, Medical terminology


The purpose of this study was to categorize surgery-related medical terminologies used in South and North Korea and to compare and analyze discrepancies observed in the terms.

Concepts: Medicine, Surgery, Pacific Ocean, Korea, North Korea, Terminology, Bill Clinton, Medical terminology


Various information systems for medical curriculum mapping and harmonization have been developed and successfully applied to date. However, the methods for exploiting the datasets captured inside the systems are rather lacking.

Concepts: Curricula, Medical terminology


This study evaluated patients' understanding of common terms used by breast surgeons in order to identify words which may need to be defined and explained during a clinic consultation. 95 patients completed the survey. 87% defined ‘Surgeon’ correctly whereas ‘Radiographer’ and ‘Radiologist’ were correctly defined by only 19% and 28% respectively. 26% correctly defined ‘Pathologist’ and 43% ‘Oncologist’. Two-thirds of patients correctly defined ‘Benign’ (66%) and ‘Malignant’ (65%). ‘Mammogram’ and ‘Ultrasound’ were correctly defined by 39% and 8% respectively. 21% of patients correctly defined ‘Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting’. 1 in 5 patients correctly defined ‘Chemotherapy’ (20%) and ‘Radiotherapy’ (19%). This study has identified that many of the medical terms used in a consultation are not understood by patients. Education must be incorporated as a routine part of the consultation to enhance the patient experience and ensure they can actively participate in making informed decisions about their care.

Concepts: Cancer, Oncology, Medical terms, Hospital, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Physician, Medical terminology