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Concept: Hangul


The clinical manifestations of Behcet disease (BD) have been reported to differ according to country, region, and race. Gender, onset age, and human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-B51 have also been known as the factors that influence the clinical features of BD. The aim of this study is to investigate the clinical phenotypes of Korean patients who visited the rheumatology clinic with BD with respect to gender, onset age, and HLA-B51.

Concepts: Immune system, Medicine, Death, Human leukocyte antigen, Hangul, Behçet's disease, Hulusi Behçet, HLA-B51


It has been hypothesized that depression and obesity are bi-directionally associated, and when overweight people appear to show a lower risk of depression, this supports the “Jolly Fat” hypothesis. The aim of this study was to examine the “Jolly Fat” hypothesis in middle-aged women in Korea, by different perceived stress levels.

Concepts: Nutrition, Obesity, Adipose tissue, Dieting, Hangul


Archaeoparasitological studies on fossilized feces obtained from Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910 CE) mummies have provided invaluable data on the patterns of parasitic infection in pre-modern Korean societies. In our recent radiological investigation of a 17th century Joseon mummy discovered in Cheongdo (South Korea), we located a liver mass just below the diaphragm. Anatomical dissection confirmed the presence of a mass of unknown etiology. A subsequent parasitological examination of a sample of the mass revealed a large number of ancient Paragonimus sp. eggs, making the current report the first archaeoparasitological case of liver abscess caused by ectopic paragonimiasis.

Concepts: South Korea, Seoul, Korea, Ancient Egypt, Hangul, History of Korea, Korean Empire, Yi Sun-sin


We evaluated the diagnostic and clinical usefulness of blood specimens to detect Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in 21 patients from the 2015 outbreak in South Korea. Viral RNA was detected in blood from 33% of patients at initial diagnosis, and the detection preceded a worse clinical course.

Concepts: Medical terms, Middle East, Japan, Asia, East Asia, World War II, Christianity, Hangul


Little is known about health outcomes related to electronic cigarette (EC) use, despite its growing popularity. The aim of this study is to investigate the association between EC use and asthma.

Concepts: Cigarette, The Association, High school, South Korea, Hangul, High School Musical


Marfan syndrome (MFS) is a disorder of autosomal dominant inheritance, in which aortic root dilation is the main cause of morbidity and mortality. Fibrillin-1 (FBN-1) gene mutations are found in more than 90% of MFS cases. The aim of our study was to summarise variants in FBN-1 and establish the genotype-phenotype correlation, with particular interest in the onset of aortic events, in a broad population of patients with an initial clinical suspicion of MFS.

Concepts: Genetics, Death, Biology, Syndromes, Aortic dissection, Aorta, Marfan syndrome, Hangul


Childhood immunization rates are at an all-time high globally, and national data for China suggests close to universal coverage. Refugees from North Korea and their children may have more limited health care access in China due to their legal status. However, there is no data on immunization rates or barriers to coverage in this population.

Concepts: South Korea, Korea, North Korea, Korean language, Korean Peninsula, Hangul, Kim Il-sung, Pyongyang


In May 2015, South Korea reported its first case of MERS-CoV infection in a 68-year-old man with travel history in the Middle East. In the presence of secondary infections, an understanding of the transmission dynamics of the virus is crucial. Aim of study and methods. We aim to characterize the transmission chains of MERS-CoV infection in the current South Korean outbreak. Individual level data from multiple sources were collected and used for epidemiologic analyses.

Concepts: Infection, Middle East, Asia, South Korea, North Korea, World War II, Christianity, Hangul


The present study aimed to evaluate the association between smoking and incident pterygium in adult Korean men.

Concepts: Cohort study, Longitudinal study, South Korea, Korea, North Korea, Korean War, Korean Peninsula, Hangul


Vitamin D deficiency is now recognised as a common health problem associated with various chronic diseases; however, it has not been fully elucidated among the minority groups. Here, we aimed to investigate the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and its associated metabolic risk factors among North Korean refugees living in South Korea.

Concepts: Medicine, Epidemiology, United States, South Korea, Korea, North Korea, Korean Peninsula, Hangul