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Concept: Folder


A collaborative approach was used to ascertain an appropriate stimulus for the patients to remember their stroke-specific education. The stroke education had to stand out amidst the myriad of papers and folders patients are bombarded with in the hospital. The team came up with the simple idea of using a bright red folder. When the patients were called, the call center would prompt the patient by saying, “The stroke education was given to you in a bright red folder.” Before the implementation of the red folders, only 81.5% of the patients remembered receiving stroke education. After the implementation of the red folders, 96.8% remembered receiving stroke education. The principle of Occam’s razor proved to be correct in our study. A very simple idea such as changing the color of the folders to bright red proved to have very meaningful results.

Concepts: Physician, Simplicity, Folder, Patient, Hospital, Occam's razor


Proteins that fold upon binding to their partners exhibit complex binding behavior such as induced-fit. But the connections between the folding mechanism and the binding mode remain unknown. Here we focus on the high affinity complex between the physiologically and marginally unstable, fast folder PSBD and the E1 subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase. Using coarse-grained simulations we investigate the binding to E1 of a partially disordered PSBD under two folding scenarios: two-state and downhill. Our simulations show that induced-fit binding requires that PSBD folds-unfolds in the downhill folding regime. In contrast, a two-state folding PSBD must fold completely before it binds. The reason is that effective coupling between folding and binding involves partially folded conformations, which are only sufficiently populated under the downhill folding regime. Our results establish a direct mechanistic link between complex binding and downhill folding, supporting the idea that PSBD operates functionally as a conformational rheostat.

Concepts: Conformational isomerism, Folder, Mode, Mechanism, Conformation, Protein structure, Tertiary structure


Registered nurses with a diploma or an associate’s degree are encouraged to return to school to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Until they return to school, many RNs have little need to regularly write, store, and retrieve work-related papers, but they are expected to complete the majority of assignments using a computer when in the student role. Personal information management (PIM) is a system of organizing and managing electronic information that will reduce computer clutter, while enhancing time use, task management, and productivity. This article introduces three PIM strategies for managing school work. Nesting is the creation of a system of folders to form a hierarchy for storing and retrieving electronic documents. Each folder, subfolder, and document must be given a meaningful unique name. Numbering is used to create different versions of the same paper, while preserving the original document. J Contin Educ Nurs. 2015;46(12):557-561.

Concepts: Folder, Diploma, Associate's degree, Personal information management, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nursing, Bachelor's degree, Academic degree