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Concept: Federal republic


How much will the United States spend on health care during the next decade or two? The answer matters greatly to physicians, federal and state governments, businesses, and the general public. The answer will determine the type and extent of care that physicians can provide to their patients, as well as the amount of physicians' take-home pay. It will also determine how much everyone else can consume or invest in other goods and services. Unfortunately, forecasting health care spending is extremely difficult. Future spending depends in part on developments within the health care sector and in part on developments in . . .

Concepts: Medicine, European Union, Federal republic, Barack Obama, Massachusetts, U.S. state, Health care, United States


A century after the Harrison Narcotic Act took effect in the United States, its bias against maintenance therapy continues to hinder medical efforts to ameliorate the effects of our country’s latest narcotic-addiction epidemic.

Concepts: Federal republic, Poverty in the United States, Cocaine, Drug addiction, U.S. state, Heroin, United States


To examine levels of exposure and content characteristics for recent televised obesity-prevention campaigns sponsored by state and community health departments, federal agencies, non-profit organizations and television stations in the USA.

Concepts: Federal republic, U.S. state, Broadcasting, Non-profit organization, Radio, European Union, United States


The state of the economy, changes in federal food assistance programs, and policies related to nutrition and the food supply in the United States may influence dietary quality in children and adolescents.

Concepts: Federal republic, Poverty in the United States, Economy of the United States, State, U.S. state, United States


We estimated changes in call volume in the United States in response to increases in advertising doses of the Tips From Former Smokers (Tips) campaign, the first federal national tobacco education campaign, which aired for 12 weeks from March 19 to June 10, 2012. We also measured the effectiveness of ad taglines that promoted calls directly with a quitline number (1-800-QUIT-NOW) and indirectly with a cessation help website (

Concepts: Federal republic, Poverty in the United States, Mexico, American football, U.S. state, United States


To investigate the relationship between two distinct measures of disability: self-reported functional limitations and objectively-screened clinical impairments.

Concepts: Federal republic, Population


In the United States (US) and Brazil, obesity has emerged as a health epidemic. This article is driven by the following research questions: how did the US and Brazil’s federal institutions respond to obesity? And how did these responses affect policy implementation? The aim of this article is therefore to conduct a comparative case study analysis of how these nations' institutions responded in order to determine the key lessons learned.

Concepts: Federation, Republic, United States Constitution, Latin, U.S. state, Federal republic, Case study, United States


To estimate hepatitis B vaccination (HBVc) coverage, and knowledge and sociodemographic determinants of full dose uptake in Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) members, Kaduna State, Nigeria, to inform relevant targeted vaccination policies.

Concepts: Federal republic, Kaduna State, Public safety, Hepatitis, Kaduna, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis B, Nigeria


Federal and state public health agencies in the United States are increasingly using digital advertising and social media to promote messages from broader multimedia campaigns. However, little evidence exists on population-level campaign awareness and relative cost efficiencies of digital advertising in the context of a comprehensive public health education campaign.

Concepts: Federation, Federal republic, U.S. state, United States


Several states responded to federal funding limitations placed on human embryonic stem cell research and the potential of the field by creating state stem cell funding programs, yet little is known about the impact of these programs. Here we examine how state programs have affected publication trends in four states.

Concepts: Federal republic, Stem cell controversy, Poverty in the United States, Cell, U.S. state, United States, Stem cell, Embryonic stem cell