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As the use and influence of social networking continues to grow, researchers have begun to explore its consequences for psychological well-being. Some research suggests that Facebook use can have negative consequences for well-being. Instagram, a photo-sharing social network created in 2010, has particular characteristics that may make users susceptible to negative consequences. This study tested a theoretically grounded moderated meditation model of the association between Instagram use and depressive symptoms through the mechanism of negative social comparison, and moderation by amount of strangers one follows. One hundred and seventeen 18-29 year olds completed online questionnaires containing demographics, frequency of Instagram use, amount of strangers followed on Instagram, the Center for Epidemiological Resources Scale for Depression, and the Social Comparison Rating Scale. Instagram use was marginally positively associated with depressive symptoms, and positive social comparison was significantly negatively associated with depressive symptoms. Amount of strangers followed moderated the associations of Instagram use with social comparison (significantly) and depressive symptoms (marginally), and further significantly moderated the indirect association of Instagram use with depressive symptoms through social comparison. Findings generally suggest that more frequent Instagram use has negative associations for people who follow more strangers, but positive associations for people who follow fewer strangers, with social comparison and depressive symptoms. Implications of negative associations of social networking for people who follow strangers and the need for more research on Instagram use given its increasing popularity are explored.

Concepts: Sociology, The Association, Major depressive disorder, Explorer, Social network service, Internet Explorer


to explore how midwifery students and newly qualified midwives learnt to make clinical decisions.

Concepts: Decision making, Explorer, Midwifery


To explore general practitioner’s (GP) knowledge, attitudes and practice regarding female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS) in Australia.

Concepts: Cross-sectional study, Physician, General practitioner, Explorer


Abstract Polyamory is a term used to describe when individuals pursue multiple concurrent romantic relationships with the permission of their partners. Polyamory is an under-recognized and under-researched area of interest in the mental health field. Therefore, little guidance is available on best practice for couple and sex therapy interventions. The current paper explores a case study involving the successful implementation of sensate focus therapy with a polyamorous couple. The unique issues that arose while performing sex therapy with a couple in this type of coupling were explored to provide clinicians with recommendations for practice.

Concepts: Case study, Mental disorder, Polyamory, The Current, Best practice, Explorer, Adultery, Sex therapy


The importance of end-of-life (EOL) care for dying patients and their families is well described; however, little research has been performed in emergency settings. The purpose of this study was to explore emergency nurses' perceptions of challenges and facilitators in the care of patients at the EOL.

Concepts: Death, Hospital, End-of-life care, Explorer, Dublin


Fertiloscopy is a recent technique designed to explore the tubo-ovarian axis in unexplained infertility. It is a simple outpatient technique, allowing to perform operative procedures, but its position relative to laparoscopy is yet to be defined.

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As the rise of tablets and smartphones move the dominant interface for digital content from mouse or trackpad to direct touchscreen interaction, work is needed to explore the role of interfaces in shaping psychological reactions to online content. This research explores the role of direct-touch interfaces in product search and choice, and isolates the touch element from other form factor changes such as screen size. Results from an experimental study using a travel recommendation Web site show that a direct-touch interface (vs. a more traditional mouse interface) increases the number of alternatives searched, and biases evaluations toward tangible attributes such as décor and furniture over intangible attributes such as WiFi and employee demeanor. Direct-touch interfaces also elevate the importance of internal and subjective satisfaction metrics such as instinct over external and objective metrics such as reviews, which in turn increases anticipated satisfaction metrics. Findings suggest that interfaces can strongly affect how online content is explored, perceived, remembered, and acted on, and further work in interface psychology could be as fruitful as research exploring the content itself.

Concepts: Psychology, IPod Touch, Personal digital assistant, User interface, Explorer, IPhone, Touchpad, Touchscreen


To effectively address the needs of youth who perpetrate sexual violence and reduce rates of recidivism, a better understanding of the mechanisms of juvenile sexual offending is needed. Current literature identifies various factors that are believed to put youth at risk for sexual offending, two of which are empathy deficits and childhood sexual abuse (CSA). The extent to which empathy deficits contribute to juvenile sexual offending, however, is often debated, though studies have not yet explored a neurobehavioral model of this mechanism. This pilot study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to explore the neural correlates of empathy in juveniles who sexually offend (JSOs), and the possible role of CSA. A total of 38 males (ages 12-20) were enrolled, including 11 healthy control subjects and 27 JSOs, of which, 11 had a history of CSA. Participants underwent clinical assessment and completed an empathy task during fMRI. Using both whole-brain and region-of-interest analysis, results of the fMRI data showed no statistical differences in engagement of brain regions associated with empathy between controls and all JSOs. There were also no significant differences between JSOs with and without a history of CSA. These null findings pose implications for guiding future research studies with larger samples and more statistical power, and may support the need to further explore empathy-related explanatory models and interventions for JSOs. Neuroimaging may demonstrate to be a useful tool to identify individualized risk factors and aid in tailoring interventions for this population.

Concepts: Brain, Statistical significance, Neuroscience, Magnetic resonance imaging, Human sexual behavior, Rape, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Explorer


Musicians are often compared to athletes because of the physical exertion required to play music. The aim of this study was to explore the physical activity level of music students and to study its relationship with musculoskeletal complaints. A second goal was to assess associations between physical activity and pain, quality of life, and disability.

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