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Concept: Denver


Hispanics are underrepresented in medical research. At the National Lung Screening Trial’s University of Colorado Denver screening center, traditional recruitment methods resulted in enrollment of few Hispanics. In response, the center adopted culturally sensitive recruitment techniques, including use of carefully-crafted bilingual materials. Bilingual interviewers were hired, and persons familiar with culture and language of groups of different Hispanic origin were consulted. Representation of Hispanics among participants enrolled at the Colorado center increased nearly threefold, from 3.3 to 9.4 %, after adoption of these methods. In this manuscript, we report on the specialized recruitment methods that were developed and how they were used to address known barriers to Hispanic recruitment.

Concepts: Culture, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Hispanic, University of Colorado Denver, Denver


Handling a rodent disease outbreak in a facility can be a challenge. After the University of Colorado Denver Office of Laboratory Animal Resources enhanced its sentinel monitoring program, > 90% of the animal colonies housed in a vivarium at the Anschutz Medical Campus (with an area of 50,000 net ft(2)), serving the labs of > 250 principal investigators, tested positive for multiple infective agents including mouse parvovirus, fur mites, pinworms and epizootic diarrhea of infant mice. The authors detail the process by which they planned and executed a shutdown and a decontamination of the facility, which involved the rederivation or cryopreservation of > 400 unique genetically modified mouse lines. The authors discuss the aspects of the project that were successful as well as those that could have been improved.

Concepts: Epidemiology, Rat, Rodent, Mouse, Colorado, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus


This is a brief report regarding the topics about osteoclasts and bone-resorption presented in ASBMR 2017 held in Colorado convention center in Denver, Colorado, in September 8-11, 2017.

Concepts: University of Colorado Denver, Denver, Colorado Convention Center, Denver Nuggets


This is a brief report summarizing topics in ASBMR 2017 held at Colorado Convention Center in Denver on September 8-11th. In this paper, I report some topics from presentation of basic research(especially osteoclast and bone resorption)in ASBMR 2017.

Concepts: Bone, Osteoclast, Convention, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, Colorado Convention Center, Denver Nuggets


The targeted nature of Colorado’s childhood lead screening program presents several analytical issues that complicate routine epidemiologic surveillance.

Concepts: U.S. state, Computer program, Application software, Colorado, New Mexico, Lead poisoning, Denver


To explore the intersection of tobacco, legalised marijuana and electronic vaporiser use among young adults in the ‘natural laboratory’ of Colorado, the first state with legalised retail marijuana.

Concepts: U.S. state, Colorado, New Mexico, Denver