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Concept: Cohort


To examine the associations between the regular consumption of spicy foods and total and cause specific mortality.

Concepts: Cohort study, Longitudinal study, Cohort, Epidemiology, Demography, Actuarial science, Spice


To quantify risk of overall cancer across all levels of alcohol consumption among women and men separately, with a focus on light to moderate drinking and never smokers; and assess the influence of drinking patterns on overall cancer risk.

Concepts: Cohort study, Alcohol, Cohort, Epidemiology, Evaluation methods, Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture


 To examine the role of psychological distress (anxiety and depression) as a potential predictor of site specific cancer mortality.

Concepts: Anxiety, Psychology, Cohort study, Cohort, Epidemiology, Actuarial science


Low-calorie sweetener use for weight control has come under increasing scrutiny as obesity, especially abdominal obesity, remain entrenched despite substantial low-calorie sweetener use. We evaluated whether chronic low-calorie sweetener use is a risk factor for abdominal obesity.

Concepts: Cohort study, Cohort, Epidemiology


To study the net economic effect of smoking on society.

Concepts: Cohort study, Cohort, Clinical trial


To investigate longitudinal sleep patterns in children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs).

Concepts: Cohort study, Longitudinal study, Cohort, Sleep, Memory, Autism, Autism spectrum


To investigate the biological, social, behavioural and environmental factors associated with non-consent, and non-return of reliable accelerometer data (≥2 days lasting ≥10 h/day), in a UK-wide postal study of children’s activity.

Concepts: Cohort study, Cohort, Epidemiology, Environment, Accelerometer


 Is oral contraceptive use around the time of pregnancy onset associated with an increased risk of major birth defects?

Concepts: Cohort study, Pregnancy, Birth control, Sexual intercourse, Cohort, Combined oral contraceptive pill, Menstrual cycle, Abortion


Emerging evidence suggests that arterial stiffness, an important marker of cardiovascular health, is associated with alcohol consumption. However, the role of longer-term consumption patterns in the progression of arterial stiffness over time remains unclear. A longitudinal cohort design was used to evaluate the association between alcohol consumption over 25 years and subsequent changes in arterial stiffness.

Concepts: Cohort study, Longitudinal study, Cohort, Epidemiology, Clinical trial, The Canon of Medicine, The Association, Wine