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There is inconsistent evidence regarding the relationship between higher intake of nuts, being an energy-dense food, and weight gain. We investigated the relationship between nut intake and changes in weight over 5 years.

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In a dark time, the eye begins to see. - Theodore Roethke The clouds were heavier, the air thicker. The wind picked up. The news that the subways would be shut down at 7 p.m. spread quickly by word of mouth. The streets in our Greenwich Village neighborhood were filled with people carrying food and water to their apartments. From my home, I could see the lights of LaGuardia and Kennedy airports and the imposing red-brick power station with its four smokestacks on 14th Street and the East River. We spent the weekend filling our bathtub with water and all . . .

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This research investigated whether people who fear being single have a more difficult time letting go of ex-partners following a romantic breakup.

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Currently, there is a significant increase in the number of older generation groups, which may result in serious economic and social issues. Therefore there is a need to prolong the active life of these older individuals, especially by focusing on modifying lifestyle factors such as healthy nutrition. In fact, recent research has shown that, for example, nuts are an important part of people’s healthy diet because they have appeared to be neuroprotective compounds which might maintain or in some cases even improve people’s cognitive functions.

Concepts: Health, Nutrition, Obesity, Sociology, Cognition, Healthy diet, Personal life, Barbra Streisand


To verify subjective memory complaints and their relation to verbal fluency in older people participating in community groups.

Concepts: Community building, Barbra Streisand, Sugarcult


The literature indicates the best vibration positions and frequencies on the human body where tactile information is transmitted. However, there is a lack of knowledge about how to combine tactile stimuli for navigation. The aim of this study is to compare different vibration patterns outputted to blind people and to determine the most intuitive vibration patterns to indicate direction for navigation purposes through a tactile belt. The vibration patterns that stimulate the front side of the waist are preferred for indicating direction. Vibration patterns applied on the back side of the waist could be suitable for sending messages such as stop.

Concepts: Scientific method, Human body, Human anatomy, Radio, Blindness, Barbra Streisand, Belt


Destination memory refers to the ability to remember to whom a piece of information was previously transmitted. Our paper assessed this ability in schizophrenia. Twenty-five patients with schizophrenia and 25 control participants told proverbs (e.g., “send a thief to catch a thief”) to pictures of celebrities (e.g., Elvis Presley). Afterward, participants had to indicate to which celebrity they had previously said the proverbs. Participants also completed a binding task in which they were required to associate letters with their corresponding context (i.e., location). Analysis revealed worse destination memory and binding in patients with schizophrenia than in controls. In both populations, destination memory was significantly correlated with performances on the binding task. Our findings suggest difficulty in the ability to attribute information to its appropriate destination in schizophrenia. This difficulty may be related to compromise in binding separate cues together to form a coherent representation of an event in memory.

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My father and I had a pact - we would never repeat the daft things my grandmother said. We just couldn’t bear people laughing at her. My granny had always been warm, witty and wise. Now in her eighties, she was in good form physically, but her memory had left the building.

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The aim of the study is to analyze the relationship between the level of education and the profile of subjective memory complaints (SMC).

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The man at the water cooler knew he was going to die. I overheard him telling a bunch of people as I was coming back from lunch. And of course I went over to see what he was on about.

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