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Concept: AutoAnalyzer


We have suggested a novel approach for classification of flow methods according to the conditions under which the mass transfer processes and chemical reactions take place in the flow mode: dispersion-convection flow methods (1) and forced-convection flow methods (2). The first group includes continuous flow analysis, flow injection analysis, all injection analysis, sequential injection analysis, sequential injection chromatography, cross injection analysis, multicommutated flow analysis, multisyringe flow injection analysis, multi-pumping flow systems, loop flow analysis and simultaneous injection effective mixing flow analysis. The second group includes segmented flow analysis, zone fluidics, flow batch analysis, sequential injection analysis with a mixing chamber, stepwise injection analysis and multicommutated stepwise injection analysis. The offered classification allows to systematize a large number of the flow methods. Recent development and application of dispersion-convection flow methods and forced-convection flow methods are presented. [Figure: see text].

Concepts: Series, Chemical reaction, Chemical substance, According to Jim, Chemical engineering, Limit of a sequence, Mass transfer, AutoAnalyzer