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Concept: Aden


[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0165136.].

Concepts: Somalia, Arabian Sea, Yemen, Aden, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden


A new species of Neobathyclupea is described from two specimens collected off Myanmar and off Socotra Island. The new species is most similar to N. malayana, but differs from it and other congeners in having jet-black coloured fins, larger pseudobranch, dorsal-pterygiophore pattern and some body proportions. Neobathyclupea malayana is re-diagnosed. Individual variations in armament of the preopercle and in the dorsal-pterygiophore patterns within Bathyclupeidae are discussed.

Concepts: Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Aden, India, Aden, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arabian Sea


The mixed layer depth (MLD) in Gulf of Aden is analyzed using vertical high resolution (1m) profiles of both temperature and density. Firstly, we examined threshold and gradient methods for estimating the MLD. Close evaluation with individual profiles reveals the failure of both methods for most of the profiles. Furthermore, the curvature method, a relatively recent approach to define ocean MLDs, is established for open water profiles but for marginal seas, like the Gulf of Aden, it detects shallower depths than the actual MLD. These considerable differences motivated us to introduce a new approach of MLD identification, which is developed based on curvature method and is called segment method. Our segment method produces adequate MLD estimates for more than 95% of the profiles and overcomes major limitations of conventional methods. It is less biased and least scattered compared to other methods with a correlation coefficient > 0.95. The mixed layer in Gulf of Aden displays significant seasonal variability and is deeper in winter. Throughout the year, the western part of gulf experiences deeper mixed layer than the eastern part. Regional eddies dominate Gulf of Aden’s MLD pattern during all seasons.

Concepts: Yemen, Season, Aden, Winter, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden


The Socotra Archipelago is situated in the Gulf of Aden where tropical and “pseudo-temperate” conditions combine to create a unique marine ecosystem. The diversity, ecology, productivity and fisheries of the coastal fish assemblages are still relatively understudied and no update of the scientific knowledge existed. The islands support unique coastal and coral-associated fish assemblages in spite of the limited biogenic reef frameworks. Fish diversity is the highest among comparable Arabian eco-regions, and fish biomass productivity high too by Indian Ocean standards. The production of the once traditionally-managed small-scale fishery is severely declining and whether it is sustainable nowadays is extremely doubtful. At a time when Yemen is torn apart by a severe political and humanitarian crisis it is timely to review and update the current state of knowledge for scientists and managers, and thereby ease access to existing information, facilitating follow-on studies and evidence-based conservation and fisheries management.

Concepts: Fisheries, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Aden, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Yemen