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Vitrification techniques employ a relatively high concentration of cryoprotectant in vitrification solutions. Exposure of oocytes to high concentrations of cryoprotectant is known to damage the oocytes via both cytotoxic and osmotic effects. Therefore, the key to successful vitrification of oocytes is to strike a balance between the usage of minimal concentration of cryoprotectant without compromising their cryoprotective actions.

Concepts: Concentration, Chemistry, Saturation, Solution, Zygote, Ethylene glycol, Oocyte, 1979 albums


We examined whether redox balance during the perioperative period is associated with long-term survival of patients after undergoing lung resection.

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Simulate how the effect of exposure on disease occurrence and fatality influences the presence and magnitude of bias in survivor cohorts, motivated by an actual survivor cohort under study.

Concepts: Epidemiology, Actuarial science, 1979 albums