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H Cao, C Li, Y Huang, S Ye, B Liu, Z Wang, X Du, X Zhang and F Lin
In order to increase the yield of prothrombin complex concentrates (PCCs) and to reduce their associated thrombotic risks, the influence of washing conditions on the yield, purity, and balance of coagulation factors (FII, FVII, FIX, and FX), and inhibitor proteins (PC, PS, PZ, and AT [antithrombin]) in PCCs was investigated by orthogonal testing, in which three variables (sodium citrate, NaCl, and pH) and their three levels were selected. It was found that AT yield and purity were extraordinarily low, and at lower NaCl content, the general yield, purity, and balance were higher, lower, and better, respectively; however, the results became contrary at higher NaCl. Moreover, within the investigated levels, NaCl was the first determinant for the yield except AT and the purity except FVII, PC, PS, and AT. Sodium citrate was the first determinant for AT yield and FVII, PS, and AT purity. The yield except FII, PS, and AT decreased and the purity except PC increased with increase of sodium citrate content. Just for PC purity, pH was the first determinant. The effect with pH fluctuation on the yield and purity was characteristically unobvious. The outcome undoubtedly supplies the guidance to further improve PCCs.
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Prothrombin time, Sodium hydroxide, Thrombin, Coagulation system, Antithrombin, Coagulation, Blood, Warfarin
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