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Overnight orthokeratology with two brands of reverse-geometry contact lenses.

Contact lens & anterior eye : the journal of the British Contact Lens Association | 28 Nov 2012

P Ozyol, O Uçakhan-Gündüz, E Ozyol and A Kanpolat
PURPOSE: To evaluate the refractive and corneal topographical changes of overnight orthokeratology in myopia with two brands of contact lenses. METHODS: Fourty-four eyes of 22 myopic patients with manifest refraction spherical equivalent (MRSE) of -1.00 to -5.00 D (cylinder≤-1.0) were fitted with either DreamLens (Hanita Lenses Investments, Hanita, Israel) (group A) or Rinehart-Reeves (R&R; Danker Laboratories, Sarasota, FL) (group B) reverse-geometry lenses. Each subject eye was evaluated in regards to the uncorrected and corrected distance visual acuities, manifest refraction, slit lamp biomicroscopy, and corneal topography at each follow-up examination. RESULTS: The follow-up was 1 year. For groups A and B, the mean uncorrected distance visual acuity was -0.02±0.10 logMAR (20/20) and -0.08±0.12 logMAR (20/20) respectively at year-1 examination. The mean MRSE decreased from -2.70±0.9D to -0.50±0.08D in group A and -3.1±1.1 to -0.62±0.18D in group B at week-1; and remained stable thereafter in each group. For both groups, starting with week-1, the mean anterior best-fit sphere (ABFS) was statistically significantly flatter from baseline. A high correlation was found between the change in apical corneal power (ACP) and MRSE (r(1)=0.79, r(2)=0.71), and there was a good correlation between the change in ABFS and MRSE (r(1)=0.67, r(2)=0.64) in both groups. No significant ocular adverse events were observed during study. CONCLUSIONS: Both types of contact lenses safely and effectively decreased the myopic refractive error at 1 year follow-up. The refractive effect was mainly induced by the changes in the anterior corneal shape and the ACP.
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Keratoconus, Lens, Cornea, Orthokeratology, Refractive error, Myopia, Visual acuity, Contact lens
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