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Personalized treatment of uveal melanoma.

Eye (London, England) | 24 Nov 2012

B Damato and H Heimann
Personalized treatment of uveal melanoma involves the tailoring of all aspects of care to the condition, needs, wishes, and fears of the patient, taking account of the individual’s circumstances. When selecting between radiotherapy, surgical resection, and phototherapy, or when deciding how best to combine these different therapeutic modalities, it is necessary to understand the patients utilities, with respect to tumour control, visual conservation, and preservation of the eye, so as to prioritize outcomes accordingly. For example, such considerations would influence the width of the safety margins when administering radiotherapy, according to whether the patient considers it more important to conserve vision or to guarantee tumour control. With ‘suspicious naevi’, the choice between observation, immediate treatment, and biopsy is complicated by the lack of adequate survival data on which to base rational decisions, making it necessary for both patient and doctor to accept uncertainty. Personalized care should involve close relatives, as appropriate. It must also adapt to changes in the patient’s needs over time. Such personalized care demands the ability to respond to such needs and the sensitivity to identify these requirements in the first place. Personalized treatment enhances not only the patient’s satisfaction but also the ‘job satisfaction’ of all members of the multidisciplinary team, improving quality of care.Eye advance online publication, 23 November 2012; doi:10.1038/eye.2012.242.
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