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Efficacy of Cetuximab in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma.

The Journal of dermatological treatment | 22 Nov 2012

B Dreno
Abstract Background: Cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas (CSCC) are very common. Localized CSCC are cured by surgery and/or radiotherapy and have a better prognosis than locally inoperable advanced CSCC. Cetuximab has recently been proposed to treat locally advanced CSCC when surgery or radiotherapy cannot be offered. Objective: We report results of a pilot study conducted in inoperable CSCC patients treated with Cetuximab alone or combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Methods: This study was conducted in 20 CSCC patients. RECIST criteria were used to evaluate clinical and radiological responses. Results: Five patients received Cetuximab associated with radiotherapy (CR), nine with Carboplatin (CC) and six as monotherapy (CM) over 1-month cycle treatments. Response to treatment was evaluated every 2 cycles. After 2 months of treatment, we observed 9 partial responses, 6 stabilizations, and 4 progressions. Disease control rate was of 78 % (100% for CR, 87.5% for CC and 50% for CM) with a 47%-response rate (80% for CR, 37.5% for CC and 33% for CM). Conclusion: We confirm the potential interest of Cetuximab to treat unresectable advanced CSCC alone or combined with CC and CM These results justify discussing a further randomized study combining radiotherapy and Cetuximab.
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Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Head and neck cancer, Squamous epithelium, Carcinoma, Lung cancer, Cancer, Squamous cell carcinoma
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