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[Effects of chemerin/chemR23 axis on Th9/Treg in patients with psoriasis]

OPEN Zhong nan da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Central South University. Medical sciences | 7 Mar 2019

Y Wang, D Zhang, J Huo, G Hu and J Wu
To investigate the effects of chemerin on helper T cells 9 (Th9)/regulatory T cells (Treg) in patients with psoriasis and the potential molecular mechanisms.
 Methods: Twenty-five patients with psoriasis and twenty healthy volunteers were selected for this study. CD4+ T cells were isolated from peripheral blood of samples by magnetic bead separation. The levels of chemerin and its receptor chemR23 were detected by real-time RT-PCR and ELISA. CD4+ T cells isolated from the healthy volunteers were treated with different concentrations of chemerin (50, 100, 150, 200 ng/mL), then cell viability was detected by MTT assay. The expression of inflammatory molecules and Th9/Treg were detected by ELISA and flow cytometry, respectively.
 Results: The expressions of chemerin and chemR23 in peripheral blood from patients with psoriasis were higher than those in healthy control (both P<0.05). The Th9/Treg was higher in patients with psoriasis than that in healthy control (P<0.05). After treating CD4+ T cells with 150 ng/mL of chemerin, the levels of IL-6, IL-9 and IL-17 were increased significantly (all P<0.05). Additionally, Th9/Treg was increased (P<0.05) and the cell balance was disrupt. However, the effects of chemerin on CD4+ T cells were reversed by silencing of chemR23 (all P<0.05).
 Conclusion: Chemerin may regulate the immune balance for Th9/Treg in CD4+ T cells from patients of psoriasis.
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