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An Improved Positioning Method for Two Base Stations in AIS

OPEN Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) | 28 Mar 2018

Y Jiang, J Wu and S Zhang
Resilient position, navigation, and timing (PNT) data is indispensable information in the field of e-navigation. An automatic identification system (AIS) based ranging mode (R-Mode) is put forward to develop a terrestrial backup system in order to overcome the vulnerability of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS). In general, at least three base stations are required in the traditional R-Mode positioning method. However, the geometric distribution of existing base stations is not considered for positioning, as AIS is a communication system. In some cases, a vessel can only receive signals from two base stations. In this paper, an improved position estimation method based on displacement correction is therefore proposed to solve this problem. Compared with the prior displacement correction position estimation (DCPE) method, the proposed method can improve positioning accuracy effectively by adopting a more precise motion model for the vessel, including an accelerated motion and a turning motion model. Moreover, the motion model is employed adaptively to correct the displacement of the vessel. Finally, the proposed method is verified and the performance is analyzed and compared by simulation. This study can extend the application region of AIS R-Mode.
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