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L Zhu, H Feng, JD Jia, S Peng, YQ Li, JF Shao, XF He, Y Guan, H Guo, ZB Lin and G Chen
Objective: To investigate the therapeutic efficacy of tonsillectomy for patients with recurrence of IgA nephropathy (IgAN) after kidney transplantation. Methods: From May 2014, tonsillectomy was performed in 11 renal transplant patients with biopsy-proved recurrent IgAN. In a median follow-up of 14 (4-38) months, data of proteinuria, hematuria, estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), and serum levels of IgA in these patients were compared before and after tonsillectomy.Patient’s survival and renal graft survival were also summarized. Results: A remission of proteinuria was observed in 8 patients after tonsillectomy, and this status maintained well in the subsequent follow-up.Three patients had no or minimal reduction of proteinuria after tonsillectomy and returned to dialysis within 1 year after tonsillectomy.Possible causes could be severe primary IgAN of crescentric glomerulonephritis, IgAN recurrence in kidney retransplantation, and late tonsillectomy after IgAN recurrence.Serum levels of IgA significant decreased and no patients developed acute rejection or infection after tonsillectomy.In the 1-year follow-up, no patients died and grafts survived well in 8 out of 11 patients. Conclusions: Tonsillectomy may represent an effective and reliable way to treat recurrence IgAN after kidney transplantation, and may be applied widely in the future clinical management. However, early intervention is critical and effects may depend on the pathological features of primary IgAN.
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Renal failure, Chronic kidney disease, Kidney transplantation, IgA nephropathy, Organ transplant, Glomerulonephritis, Kidney, Nephrology
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