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Effects of a neurodynamic sliding technique on hamstring flexibility in healthy male soccer players. A pilot study.

Physical therapy in sport : official journal of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine | 13 Nov 2012

Y Castellote-Caballero, MC Valenza, L Martín-Martín, I Cabrera-Martos, EJ Puentedura and C Fernández-de-Las-Peñas
PURPOSE: To compare the short-term effects of a neurodynamic sliding technique versus control condition on hamstring flexibility in healthy, asymptomatic male soccer players. SUBJECTS: Twenty-eight young male soccer players from Palencia, Spain (mean age 20.7 yrs ± 1.0, range 19-22) with decreased hamstring muscle flexibility. METHODS: Subjects were randomly assigned to one of two groups: neurodynamic sliding intervention or no intervention control. Each subject’s dominant leg was measured for straight leg raise (SLR) range of motion (ROM) pre- and post-intervention. Subjects received interventions as per group allocation over a 1 week period. Data were analyzed with a 2 (intervention: neurodynamic and control) × 2 (time: pre and post) factorial ANOVA with repeated measures and appropriate post-hoc analyses. RESULTS: A significant interaction was observed between intervention and time for hamstring extensibility, F(1,26) = 159.187, p < .0005. There was no difference between the groups at the start, p = .743; however, at the end of the study, the groups were significantly different with more range of motion in the group that received neurodynamic interventions, p = .001. The group that received neurodynamic interventions improved significantly over time (p < .001), whereas the control group did not (p = .684). CONCLUSION: Findings suggest that a neurodynamic sliding technique can increase hamstring flexibility in healthy, male soccer players.
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Tukey's range test, Design of experiments, Experimental design, Time, Scientific method, Analysis of variance, Straight leg raise
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