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A Scott, S Docking, B Vicenzino, H Alfredson, J Zwerver, K Lundgreen, O Finlay, N Pollock, JL Cook, A Fearon, CR Purdam, A Hoens, JD Rees, TJ Goetz and P Danielson
In September 2010, the first International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium (ISTS) was held in UmeƄ, Sweden, to establish a forum for original scientific and clinical insights in this growing field of clinical research and practice. The second ISTS was organised by the same group and held in Vancouver, Canada, in September 2012. This symposium was preceded by a round-table meeting in which the participants engaged in focused discussions, resulting in the following overview of tendinopathy clinical and research issues. This paper is a narrative review and summary developed during and after the second ISTS. The document is designed to highlight some key issues raised at ISTS 2012, and to integrate them into a shared conceptual framework. It should be considered an update and a signposting document rather than a comprehensive review. The document is developed for use by physiotherapists, physicians, athletic trainers, massage therapists and other health professionals as well as team coaches and strength/conditioning managers involved in care of sportspeople or workers with tendinopathy.
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