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F Miao, TC Lei, MY Su, WJ Yi, S Jiang and SZ Xu
Objective: To compare the decolorization efficiency of lignin peroxidase (LiP), manganese peroxidase (MnP) and laccase on eumelanin and pheomelanin, and to investigate the effect of topical administration of LiP solution on hyperpigmented guinea pigs skin induced by 308 nm excimer light. Methods: Pheomelanin-enriched specimens were prepared from human hair and cutaneous melanoma tissue using alkaline lysis method.Synthetic eumelanin was purchased from a commercial supplier.The same amount (0.02%) of melanin was incubated with the equal enzyme activity (0.2 U/ml) of ligninolytic enzymes for 3 h respectively.The absorbance at 475 nm (A(475)) in the enzyme-catalyzed solution was measured using ELISA microplate reader.The experimental hyperpigmentation model was established in the dorsal skin of brownish guinea pigs using 308 nm excimer light radiation.LiP and heat-inactivated LiP solution were topically applied at each site.Meanwhile, 3% hydroquinone and vehicle cream were used as control.The skin color (L value) was recorded using a CR-10 Minolta chromameter.Corneocytes were collected using adhesive taping method.The amount and distribution of melanin in the corneocytes and skin tissues was visualized by Fontana-Masson staining. Results: All three ligninolytic enzymes showed various degree of eumelanin and pheomelanin decolorization activity.The decolorization activity of LiP, MnP and laccase was 40%-70%, 22%-42% and 9%-21%, respectively.The similar lightening was shown in the skin treated with LiP solution and 3% hydroquinone.The amount of melanin granules in the corneocytes was 199±11 by LiP, which was less than that in untreated control (923±12) and heat-inactive control (989±13). The amount of melanin was decreased in the whole epidermis treated with hydroquinone, the epidermis thickness was increased as well. In contrast, melanin of LiP group was decreased only in the superficial epidermis, the epidermis thickness seemed to be normal. Conclusion: LiP exerts a potent decolorization activity for hair- or skin-derived pheomelanin as well as eumelanin.It remains to be further investigated whether LiP serves as a substitute for hydroquinone in skin lightening products.
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Epidermis, Skin whitening, Melanocyte, Human skin color, Ligninase, Enzyme, Skin, Melanin
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