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AG Gravina, A Federico, M Masarone, A Cuomo, C Tuccillo, C Loguercio, M Persico and M Romano
BACKGROUND: A higher prevalence of coeliac disease has recently been reported among patients with HCV-related chronic hepatitis. Moreover, development of clinically overt coeliac disease has been described in a number of HCV-related chronic hepatitis patients during alpha-interferon therapy. This prospective study was designed to evaluate 1) the prevalence of coeliac disease in patients with HCV-related chronic hepatitis; 2) the prevalence of HCV infection in patients with coeliac disease; 3) whether PEG interferon-alpha treatment might favour the development of coeliac disease in patients with chronic hepatitis C.Materials and methodsTwo hundred-ten consecutive patients (M/F = 140/70, range of age 35–58 years, median age 46.5 years) with biopsy proven chronic hepatitis C underwent serological screening for antiendomysial and tissue transglutaminase IgA antibodies. One hundred ninety-four coeliac patients (M/F = 52/142, range of age 18–74 years, median age 34 years) were screened for HCV antibodies. Positivity for HCV antibodies in coeliac disease patients was confirmed by detection of serum HCV-RNA by RT-PCR. This work was carried out in accordance to ethical guidelines of Declaration of Helsinki and was approved by Institutional Ethics Committee of the Second University of Naples. All patients gave informed written consent. RESULTS: 1) none of the 210 HCV-related chronic hepatitis patients were positive for coeliac disease serologic screening; 2) prevalence of HCV infection among coeliac patients was 1.54% (3/194) which is comparable to that reported in the Southern Italy population; 3) PEG interferon-alpha treatment was not associated with development of coeliac disease either clinical or serological. CONCLUSIONS: 1) coeliac disease is not associated with HCV infection; 2) PEG interferon-alpha does not trigger celiac disease.
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Immune system, Antibody, Osteoporosis, Anti-transglutaminase antibodies, Hepatitis B, Coeliac disease, Tissue transglutaminase, Hepatitis C
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