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SciCombinator is a scientific news aggregation and discussion site. We collate, score and rank scientific articles based on their Altmetric score and other metadata to bring you the most talked about articles.

Scoring Algorithm

To score content we take into account multiple factors. Firstly, we seed the score using Altmetric. Then we take into account whether the content is open access (an integer 0 or 1). From there we count the number of times a link to an article has been followed (scaled to stop click spamming), giving users a passive voting mechanism (vote with your feet, or in this case mouse). Finally we apply a decay to the score so that the home page stays fresh.

Here is the whole formula:

( 5 ( open_access + 1 ) ) ( altmetric_score + 1000 ( 1 - 1 clicks + 1 ) ) ( age_in_days + 2 ) 1.8

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